Noch 8 Tage – Heute geschockt!

50° 56′ 38″ N , 6° 58′ 28″ O Rheinufer Schäl Sick, RTL Köln

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Heute war ich unterwegs mit dem Fahrrad am Rhein entlang. So weit so gut. Schöne Aussichten sind zu geniessen. Aber dann:

Gegenüber des Doms war Pause und so konnten wir die Aussicht geniessen. Aber dann habe ich einen Blick über die Mauer gewagt: warum wirft man denn hier Abfall hin? Und warum stellt man Abfall auf die Mauer. Wir haben doch nun wirklich in Deutschland genug Abfalleimer!!! Aber dann kam es noch schlimmer: zwei junge Männer steuerten auf die Mauer, auf der die leeren Gefässe standen, zu. Der eine ganz cool: „Oh, welch schöne Aussicht!“ und stiess die Flasche runter Richtung Rhein. Mit großem Geklirr und vor allen Leuten zerbrach die Flasche. Ich war entsetzt!!!! Ist das Zivilisation? Und dann aber auf andere Länder mit dem Finger zeigen!!

Today I was on a bike trip. On the other side of the Cathedral I took a break What a nice view!! But then I looked over the wall – waste!! Why do people through their rubbish there? We really have enough waste bins!! And why do the place their waste on the wall?? But it turned up worse: two young guys came to the wall. One said: „Oh, what a nice view!!“ And then pushed the bottle down the wall direction river Rhein. In front of all the people it broke into pieces. Is this civilisation?? But then point to other countries???


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  1. Sometimes there is no answer on why people do what they do and one could beat themselves up trying to figure them out. ….Why do those who smoke, when in their cars, fill the compartment up with smoke, but yet throw the butt out the window. There’s an ashtray a half an arm away. Why do some people when unwrapping a good item such as a candy bar, etc throw the wrapper on the ground. Does it really take up that much space on your person that one can’t wait to find a trash receptacle to discard it? There’s no answer except some people are just lazy or think that my one bottle, by one cigarette butt, my one candy wrapper isn’t going to make any impact… It does and here is a fact, only those that care are going to listen and do right. Those that don’t care, are going to do what they want. No amount of education will change that. Those two did not posesses the intellect to understand that trash goes in the trash container. If you can teach one person to be more aware of litter and the proper way to dispose of it so others may enjoy a pristine area, then you succeeded for a domino effect would take place. Nina ( I hope I have her name correct) in India. If she gets the attention of 15 people on how to improve the environmental impact of litter in her country, she succeeded as again the domino effect. This 15 will tell their family and friends etc. Think about it.. If one was to dump a truck cow manure on the steps of front door of those two men by the Reihn. Would they be upset, yes, would it make an impact to them? Oh most certainly would. Will they learn from it? Probably not. There’s a saying “ you can lead a horse to water but can not make it drink“ Remember that! Nice blog and nice picture of the beautiful historic Cathedral .

  2. Coming from a beautiful country (Italy) in which there is no proper culture in waste managment I would say it will take a few more generation to get the awareness of what we are doing to our planet.

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